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Recruitment Manager

AGB Consulting (Top Recruitment Agency In Cambodia) was formed in 2013 to produce human resource services and business coaches to industries all over Cambodia and into the regional market. Our strategic business model is a combination of comprehensive human resource services with high expertise and reliable technology solutions to our clients at an affordable cost. Our team is mixed with a qualified professional with a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field. Moreover, we are dedicated to offering our clients human resource solutions in the most efficient way to achieve the desired result.

Announcement Positions

Recruitment Manager


A. Business Revenue

·  To monitor and analyst profit and loss as a whole team to align with company’s target

·  To set KPIs for team to achieve company’s target

·  To build closely relationship with related stakeholders to increase visibility and leads

·  To advise clients on HR need to generate more revenue

·  To convert leads to become client in order to achieve company’s performance

B. Sourcing

·   To design and post job announcements via multiple channels to approach candidates

·   To review candidate’s profile in database to recommend job opportunities

·   To keep sourcing, screening, and calling candidates to build pool of candidates and for suitable position

·   To provide follow up to applicants and develop good relations with former, current and future applicants to get the referral candidate

·   To build network with students, Universities, associations, and events to get the candidates

C. Interview

· To arrange the interview schedule with candidate to meet interview target

· To conduct face to face, telephone and Skype interview to know candidates capacity and

· To assess the competences of applicants in relations to job analysis of the company and make recommendation to reach monthly send out target

· To improve interview skill and job matching by keeping interview regular with candidates to meet the monthly target

D. Job Recommendation

· To provide detail information about job opportunity to candidate to make he/she has the clear decision in order to be the potential job seekers

· To coordinate in arranging test assessment, interview schedule or other appointment between candidates and clients in order to build the good relation to both parties

· To design and revise candidate’s application form for submitting to clients to make it professional

· To educate candidate for succession in interview with client

E. Job Placement

·  To monitor daily performance to achieve weekly, monthly and quarterly revenue

·  To keep closely relationship with placement candidate to minimize risk on replacement

·  To be accountable on replaced candidate to fulfill candidate back out or poor performance during probation

F.  Administration Tasks

· To fill candidate’s information into evaluation form

· To fill candidate’s information into candidate database

· To do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly report for direct supervisor

· To ensure the candidates’ database system and any relevant documents are up-to-date and proper organizing

· Other relevant tasks assigned by manager

G. Team Supervisory

·  To delegate authority to team in order to hit team performance

·  To support subordinates to understand about job description and job requirement to source the suitable candidate for the order position

·  To provide on the job training and coach to subordinates in order fulfill their capacity

·  To monitor on subordinates’ daily, weekly, monthly performance to achieve their KPIs.

·  To improve poor performance staff in order to enhance their performance.

·   To initiate staff engagement program in order to improve staff engagement

·   To manage on subordinates disciplinary to make them perform well.


·  Bachelor Degree in HRM, General Management, Business Administration or related fields

·  Has minimum 4 years experiences with related fields

·  Understand about Cambodia labor law

·  Understand about staff termination and retention skills

·  Good at time and tasks management

·  Good at networking and communication skill

·  Good at problem solving and critical thinking skill

·  Result oriented, committed, dynamic and fast learner

·  Good at Supervisory skills

·  Good English language and Ms. Offices skills

·  Integrity, responsible and accountable

How to apply

If you are interested, please submit your CV and Cover Letter by using contact below:

Contact Person: Mr. Khann Sophearit

E-mail: ksphearit@agb-consulting.com

Tel: 078312003/087204692

Only shortlisted candidate will be notified.


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