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Recruitment Manager


Recruitment Manager

MC Services

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Recruitment Manager

-General Cleaning -General Pest Control -Termite Control -Microbial Control -Gardening -Security

Job Description

MC Services was established in 2017 to dedicate our cleaning & pest control services to our clients, from property developers to facility managers, our passion for excellence leads us to continuously invest in improving our internal processes, our employees and our relationship with every single business we serve. By offering a multi-service concept constantly committed to client satisfaction & “green” solutions,

Duties and Responsibilities

-  Recruitment Planning 

-  Sourcing and selection for both Office staff and Cleaners 

-  Manage Recruitment team to make sure the HC planning is timely fulfilled. 

-  Staff Orientation and onboarding management 

-  Maintain existing recruitment strategy and create new recruitment channels. 

-  Manage employee movement and orientation. 

-  Manage on Succession Planning and identify opportunities.

-  Manage recruitment policies and initiatives. 

-  Participate in career connections in social activities. 

-  Other tasks assigned by direct manager. 

Skills and Specification



Working Hour: 

Monday – Saturday (half day)

08:00AM-17:00PM (08:00AM-12:00PM) 

Follow labor law 

How to apply

Tele: 078 759 724/ 015 760 674