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Job Description

Responsible for executing, checking, and controlling maintenance related activities in the store (for building and equipment); security system, cleanliness and sanitation, coordinate with local government agencies to ensure efficient operation of the store.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Perform maintenance activities to maximize benefits, keeping costs under expense budget

2.     Ensure that all equipment is in good condition and maximize utilization

3.     Create a repair and maintenance report and propose solutions

4.     Perform periodic checking of any systems (daily, weekly, monthly, and annually) and record in Check List

5.     Follow the Contingency Plan

6.     Follow-up and control job that are processed by contractors

7.     Source proper suppliers which fit with maintenance related activities in the store to propose to superior

8.     Follow security and safety policy in operation and practice; always work with safety top of mind, wear safety protection wear as required, and never leave a spill unattended

9.     Ensure that maintenance related equipment is properly prepared and used, also ensure proper service from contractors

10.  Perform any other tasks as assigned

Skills and Specification

1.     High school diploma and Vocational Education in Electrical Power System

2.     At  least 1-2 years knowledge and experience in maintenance for Electrical System, Mechanical System, and Sanitary System

3.  Communication skill

4.     Interpersonal skill

5.     Computer literacy


  • Insurance 
  • NSSF 
  • Bonus
  • Senority 
  • Public Holiday

How to apply

Available to work in both morning and afternoon shift